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Looking into the Futura

While scanning through a few design blogs this week, I came across a really interesting article about the Futura typeface on the idsgn blog. While not taking on any kind of design role myself (I leave that to the professionals on the team) I do have an appreciation for design and how important it is to get things just right, no matter what kind of design environment you are working in, whether you are involved in website design, design for print, fashion, car design and so on. 
As part of an ongoing series of investigations into the history and development of certain typefaces, the blog takes a look at Futura. Interestingly designed between 1924 and 1926 by German type designer Paul Renner, who was a great believer in the design philosophy and teachings of the Bauhaus. He produced this font which fits perfectly with the ethos that a modern typeface should reflect modern day society, being geometrically solid and free from non-essential elements. 
The typeface was released commercially in 1927, having been commissioned by the Bauer type foundry. The post goes on to credit Futura for the development of further typefaces such as Kabel and Century Gothic, and that since its creation over 80 years ago many foundries have released digital versions of the typeface.
Interestingly, Futura had the honour of being the first typeface on the moon, having been chosen for a commemorative plaque left by the Apollo 11 astronauts in 1969 and Stanley Kubrick is well noted for having used Futura repeatedly in his films, with Wes Anderson following suit more recently.
Widely used in advertising and design today, Futura remains popular amongst designs for it's clean look and strong presence. 
 Image courtesy of the idsgn blog
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Posted by Emma, Thursday 26th August 2010

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