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How Enterprising Are You?

The Enterprise Catalyst is a free online self-assessment and coaching tool that lets individuals find out more about their attitudes and behaviours when it comes to being enterprising. This tool was the brain child of husband and wife team,  Dr David and Janette Johnson, and was built by Inovica
Dr David and Janette have built up a successful business, working with organisations and individuals in an effort to promote a greater sense of enterprise and to construct the tools and services necessary to facilitate the development of enterprising mindsets. 
The Enterprise Catalyst is just one of the tools that Inovica have helped to develop, offering a platform that not only provides an online enterprise personality test, but also captures massive amounts of data on the aspirations, attitudes and enterprising activities of thousands of individual users. This data is used to measure the impact of enterprise investments and development projects. 
The Enterprise Catalyst can be used by Local and National Government, providers of enterprise support, schools, colleges, and enterprise initiatives in order to assess the impact that their work is having and to identify where they may need to make improvements to their schemes. 
As well as being a great tool to provide useful data to organisations who support and encourage enterprise, it is also an interesting tool for school children, college students, trainees and employees. Every time a personality test is conducted on the Enterprise Catalyst, the end user will receive a report outlining results such as what motivates and drives them, their willingness to learn and develop, their personal enterprise style and any behaviours that may stand in the way of them being successful in enterprise. The report also contains information on suited team roles and thinking styles. 
Over all, the Enterprise Catalyst, which is part of the Innovas Venture to Think network, has been a great success, gathering interest and momentum at an exceptional rate. Why not try it yourself and see how your attitude to enterprise measures up.
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Posted by Emma, Tuesday 30th November 2010

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