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Brand Monitoring - Why is it Important?

In a world where the internet is becoming an increasingly important and functional part of peoples lives, we should all be a little more responsible for the content that is out there. Especially if that content is detrimental to the image and performance of your business. 
People all over the world are now using the internet to shop online, find information and to share their views. Whether or not your utilise the internet in your business, you should be aware of how you look to those people that do use the internet. By this we mean you should be aware of what is being said about you and your brand, or whether your brand is being abused by people who do not have the permission to use your brand in the first place. 
Brand abuse is not uncommon, and the internet makes it all that much easier to do, therefore it makes sense to have something in place to keep checks on your brand, and how it is used online. Brand monitoring can not only help you to identify if there are any issues, but also gives you the chance to take control of the situation early to protect your brand.
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Posted by Adrian, Tuesday 13th April 2010

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